When you send a marketing email the automatic replies go back to who it was sent 'from' rather than the reply to - we need a way to send this to the 'reply-to' email rather than the 'from'

Sending a Marketing Email we set the From address to be FRED we set the Reply-to address to SUE The auto response emails all went to FRED instead of SUE

This is really terrible user experience as FRED is a CEO, he doesn't want all the auto responses in his inbox. SUE should be able to access and review these from her inbox.

Please fix this
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The "Reply-To:" header is ignored, however, in the case of automatic responses. As detailed in RFC3834, automatic responses should always be sent to the address specified in the "From:" header. In such a scenario, the "Reply-To:" header is ignored.

Only manual replies (when the recipient selects the “Reply” button) are sent to the "Reply-To:" address.

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