Have the ability to control who the default Owner of auto-created leads from a Form response should be. Previously the owner of these auto-generated leads was "System" but after the Fall 2019 updates it appears that the Owner of the Lead now defaults to the Owner of the Marketing Form. There appears to be functionality in other areas of D365 Marketing, such as, in User Journeys indicating who an Activity should be assigned to - it would be great to replicate this functionality for the Owners of Leads, especially since the Marketing Form Owner would never be the person who should own or qualify a lead.
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Very good idea. A setting on the form that defines who should be the owner of the Leads generated by the form would be useful.

Even more useful would be the ability to set leads based on conditionals in the data submitted. An example would be "If Country = {Brazil}, assign Lead to {User}" to easily route form-generated leads to regional marketing/sales managers.

Category: Marketing Pages, Forms, and Surveys