- The electronic signature works fine for update/create/delete if a change is made directly on the form. For example, if you turn on electronic signature functionality for updates in "batch disposition code" and perform an update manually on batches form, it will work.
However if you set up a quality order which changes batch disposition code, it will fail. Instead, it could have brought the form up for each record which requires e-signature and ask for the sign.

- It also fails if update is done through a dialog box. For example, you can setup electronic signature for updates and creations in quarantine orders. If you want to split this quarantine order, it will fail again. Because it tries to update the current record, and create a new one as well to complete splitting.

- As last, when you set up an electronic signature requirement, it also creates a database log setup which makes complete sense. However, if you delete your electronic signature requirement, database log will stay there forever. A warning given to that user might help a lot, because it might cost a lot of time when you need to investigate an issue and it turns out to be this functionality's left over setup.