There are number of things that we have built on top of the standard Permission but would gladly have it in Standard NAV in order to reduce our footprint to the Application.

1)Additional FlowFields in Tables "Tenant Permissions" and Permissions: "Version List" and (untranslated) "Object Name". They are needed for easier search, identification and filtering. Since they are only FlowFields I think it shouldn't be a problem to introduce them and show them for Both System and Tenant Permission Sets.

2)Additional Action/Batch would be usefull in order that after migration all non existing objects are cleaned up. Currently we have a report that prints out which Objects do exist in the Permissions but are no longer present in the Object Table and this report can optionaly delete those resords. This report might be usefull especially when clients are migration from 2009 Version when there is a lot of Forms and Dataports left but also when migrating from newer versions.

3)Report Add/Subtract Permission Set is currently present only for Tenant Permissions. It would however be usefull to have it on Permission Sets an than be able to select multiple Permission Sets and exclude then from a perticular Permission Set.

4)XMLPort for importing System Permission Sets is highly needed. I cannot imagine someone migrating to a newer CU without being able to update the System Permission Sets.

5)For importing Tenant Permission Sets we have introduced two Options on a request page: Ovewrite and Merge. Overwrite deletes all already present Permissions and import the new ones and Merge leave already present Permissions and updates only the ones that can be extended from Import File. Current XMLPort does neither. It only overwrites Permissions by using ones coming from the Import File but leaves those not existing in the Import File intact.

-In Pages "Permissions" and "Tenant Permissions" it would be usefull to be able to enter actuall filters on "Role ID" and not only to show Permissions of a singe Permission Set or from all Permission Sets.

I would really appreciate if any of these Suggestion could be implemented in some of the future releases. Any each of these has on or more User Cases that I would be glad to discuss further. They came from Users managing permissions.

There are already some glitches in Permission Management for Business Central that I have reported as Support Cases and they are being addressed. Might be a good Idea to evaluate those Suggestion along with fixing current glitches.
Ideas Administrator

Thank you for your feedback. We released this feature as part of the functionality in Productivity Improvements in Permissions Management in Business Central Wave 1 2020 Release. 
Please refer to the following link for more information: 

Business Central Team