While exploring the different functionalities of Auto-capture, I thought about an idea that I wanted to share with you.
The idea evolves around the positive impact of a strong collaboration within a team. It is always good that each person of a team is aware and up to date with everything happening within the team when necessary. This collaboration could be done in many ways: the most common being the sharing of information and knowledge.
Going back to auto-capture, one of its features is the 'track' feature which changes the visibility of an entity from private to visible to the whole team. For that reason, the 'track' option enhances the collaboration within a team, allowing people to share their knowledge with other teammates.
The idea I wanted to offer is the following: Find a way to quantify the number of 'tracked' activities of each member of the team.

For instance, let's take as an example Mario and Julia, which are members of the Marketing team.
Let's say Mario tracked only 3 emails of his last 25 and Julia tracked 20 of her last 25 emails.
We can clearly see that Julia is highly contributing to sharing the information she has with the team, whereas Mario is not really taking it seriously.

This way of being able to keep track of the number of 'tracked' activities of each employee could be very helpful for an organisation, by ensuring that everyone is being highly collaborative.

Let me know if any further information or clarification is needed.

Have a great day!

Celine Nader
Under Review
Ideas Administrator

Thank you for your feedback. We are reviewing your idea to evaluate if aligns with our longer term roadmap.  



PM, Microsoft.