While working with one of the customer I came across an interesting requirement to track movement of the customer assets. The scenario is as below

1. A work order is created to service a customer asset located at a customer location.
2. The resources planned for the work order involves technicians along with equipment which they need to carry to inspect the customer asset.
3. Technicians reach at the customer location, inspect the customer asset and based on the inspection results they might decide to move customer asset to a service center.
4. The customer asset is then moved to a service center and further service activities are carried out.
5. Once the service is complete, the customer asset is moved back to customer location.

Considering this scenario, the FS organization wants to track movement of the customer asset while the work order is being executed. At any point of work order life-cycle, they need to understand where exactly the customer asset is located (at customer location, in-transit to/from service center, at service center etc.).

It will help to draw analytics like efficiency of movements to and from the service center, waiting time at service center and efficiency of service center to execute the service and ship the asset back to customer location.

Please check if this idea fits into Field Service landscape.
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Great idea! Status changed to needs votes. In the meantime, with customization, you can change the functional location of the asset and use a flow to write a record to a custom table every time the functional location field on an asset changes. And you can create internal functional locations for the service depot/repair center

Category: Customer Asset