The Split Fixed asset functionality is not working anymore after D365 'Allow multiple transactions within one voucher' was added to the GL parameters. This flag comes as No by default and switching it to Yes generates a system warning that this is not recommended.
MSFT has also announced that One voucher functionality will be deprecated so this flag/option will disappear.

When using Split fixed assets functionality, D365 groups the two Acquisition transactions (Acquisition adjustment for initial Asset, Acquisition for the new asset) under the SAME voucher ID. Same for the Depreciation split.
The workarounds are very complicated, one of them being to turn off the flag that D365 warns you not to.
When the One voucher option will be deprecated, the Split FA functionality will become unusable.

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Glad to share with you this is included in APP 10.0.21.


Mohamed Aamer

PM, Microsoft



It makes no sense that the guidance in the MS documentation tells you to enable One Voucher functionality in order to be able to split assets but MS are trying to encourage us to move away from One Voucher.

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This is a much needed functionality.

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