In Approve and Calculate, you have the option to choose to view "view 1 person, one week". This gives you a weekly overview of the hours from the employees in your approval/calculation group per week. This is the most efficient way to approve/calculate hours for employees.

After the 31st of December, the date filter in D365FO changes to start on week one in the new year by design. This means you cannot use this view to approve/calculate hours for last weeks in the previous calendar year. This leads to having to use the view "view entire group, 1 day" and filter on single days in the last weeks of the year, one by one day.

For companies with many employees, this is a very poor way to work, causing approvers of hours to work ineffectively. You should be able to filter on "year", so you can use the "view 1 person, one week" filter to approve/calculate hours for employees effeciently for the last weeks in the calendar year.
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