Currently, non-native data fields are un-editable with Editable Grids enable. Our end-users are confused by the fact that they are unable to edit non-native fields in the Editable Grid. For example, Contact record Segment is a popular field with our users, namely the top 250 revenue-generating end users. If I added the �Segment: Primary� field to an Opportunities personal view, enabled Editable Grids, and then tried to update �Segment: Primary� within my personal view I would not be able to; �Segment: Primary� becomes a locked field. This is confusing to the vast majority of our users that requires demonstration and thorough explanation to each end user which is not scale-able. Even after the time and effort to explain what is happening, only our most advanced users understand what is happening. And when explaining to our users what is happening, there isn�t a great �why� explanation. I really don�t even know the �why� for this.

Please allow for non-native fields to be edited in Editable Grids. Specifically, please allow Contact/Account fields to be editable from Opportunity Editable Grids. This would help our end users take better advantage of the integration we have with Power BI as well; part of the value proposition of our Power BI implementation revolves around having accurate Segment data on Contact and Household record. Additionally, until non-native fields are editable, there will always be an unintuitive element to the Editable Grids user experience.
Category: Lead Management
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