It would be really good if it would be possible to change the appearance of the (results) grid through parameters or through the designer (using drag and drop). This way, the (results) grids can be easily adjustet to meet more business requirements than they currently do, leveraging the usability.

E.g. the inventory lookup on POS shows "Stock", "Reserved"  & "Ordered" - but this is hard-coded and there is no way (besides using an Extension point) to modify the results form. Meybe the users would like to see a particular Attribute in this grid, or is not interested in the quantity "Ordered", but they would like to see another SCM status-quantity e.g. "Reserved on order".

Giving the users/System Administrators here the flexibility to setup complete screen layouts without the need of a single line of code could be a real USP here.


Ideas Administrator

Hi Florian. We won't likely be making any investments in button grid designer in the near future. I'm also not entirely clear on your ask here. If you'd like to give me a better idea, feel free to reach out internally. Thank you.