An user with limited access to one legal entity (USMF) is unable to post intercompany sales invoice unless he has been granted access in both legal entities (USMF and DEMF). That should not be the case since there is a valid security scenario in which the employee has access only to DEMF and the invoice cannot be posted. From the product team's input the current design functionality if the following: "The current security model does not support this. The feedback has been to grant access to the other legal entity. I would recommend the customer log an idea for the security model to have something like we did in older versions." Escalation 341933 Tested on: Platform build version : Application Foundation version : 7.0.5257.35406 1. Go to USMF All vendors and 2. Insure that the set up is as follows : 3. Insure that Item 1000 is Releases in both USMF and USRT companies 4. Insure that in USMF item 1000 under Purchase has set following 5. Create Sales Order with US-023 customer 6. Create a Sales Line with Item 1000 – Site 1 . Warehouse – 13 7. Click on the Header and select under the Intercompany settings : Yes to Autocreate intercompany orders and Direct Delivery. The refresh the order ( not the entire browser ) and you will see the corresponding Intercompany 8. Go to the Intercompany Tracing and click on the Intercompany Sales order (the Sales order in USRT , system will change the legal entities automatically ) 9. Post packing slip 10. Go to Users and create new user with following roles 11. Click on Assigned Organization and grant to each role access to USRT only and Save 12. Log off from the Admin user and login with the newly created and find the Sales order in USRT 13. Following error pop up ACTUAL RESULT: An error message appears “Enumerated text does not exist” and the invoice cannot be posted EXPECTED RESULT: The intercompany invoice should be able to be posted

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