When creating an Email template for any entity we should be able to populate data from its related records.
Eg: If I want to add fields like {!User: Full Name;} , {!User: Main Phone;} {!User: Address 1: Fax;} from the User record which is the owner of the Lead.

This option should be made available because we have an option to set the Owner of the activity same as the owner of the record, with this setting made we will find the Sender of the email set to owner of the record and thus it will be very helpful to have the Owner's data populated in the body of the email template.

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Thank you for your feedback.

We have enhanced our personalization capabilities which enables you to include data from related tables, as well as include a list of related data. You can find more information at https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/dynamics365/marketing/real-time-marketing-personalization







Thank You for the feedback. Dynamics Marketing service (formerly MarketingPilot) is our primary Marketing Automation solution in our product portfolio with majority of our investments directed accordingly. We will be closing this request - do review Dynamics Marketing Spring release to see if email templates fit your use case.


Category: Email