Hi This is Ryo, one of MS MVP for Business Applications, working at Pacific Business Consulting, Inc. Tokyo Japan. Actually, most of our AX/FO Customers require to have "Inventory Valuation Report", which should show Item(product/WIP/material etc) level Qty & Values breaking down at least -"Opening Balance", "IN", "Out" ,"Ending Balance" at specific periods (ideally, inventory transaction level break- down), which is quite important for auditor to check variance between Inventory Values and Finance Values if any. Also vital for finance team to check the Inventory Value at monthly/annual closing period. Currently, AX/FO have report, named as "Inventory Value", but those can only show its' values warehouse level. No detail information about Item Qty and Values. We develop this report every time when starting the new implementation, but I believe this should be the standard report for AX/FO customers. Hope to hearing from R&D Team sooner. Best Regards Ryo

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A lot of the requested information is now possible to get via the embedded Power BI for Cost management






Sorry, I could have product level it. But still not have a detail information as inv trans type level.

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