The customer produces different versions of very expensive products which are configured using the product configurator. They enter a demand forecast and use an IAK to divide the demand over the different configurations. This can result in a demand for a specific configuration which is not in whole units. The customer wants to forecast to plan the requirements for raw materials.

When the forecast is not in whole units, a planned production order for a quantity of 1 may be pegged against a forecast (say 0.5) and a sales order (0.5). The remaining quantity of that sales order is then pegged against another planned production order

The result will be a fractional marking and ordered reservation, which will both influence the sales order and the production order which is an error because which is incorrect because the system will not allow you post RAF and the same time for the sales order it is difficult to release to warehouse

The expectation is that the system should not make fractional reservations and markings for serialized products.
Category: Planning
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