An employee has filled inter-company timesheet for 8 hours. While invoicing, project manager realized that he can be 10 hours to the client. However, the additional 2 hours should be billed against that particular employee only. While adjusting the transactions to 10 hours or 125%, the system doesn't allow to increase the hours. What is the workaround for such situations? Repro steps: 1. Post intercompany timesheet for 8 hours 2. Adjust the timesheet hours from "Posted transactions" to 10 hours 3. System cancels the operations Is reproducible in other environments: Yes Application version: Platform version: 7.0.4841.41251

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Thank you for the suggestion! This has been added to our roadmap and will be considered for a future release.


Kim Nelson

Program Manager, Project management and accounting 




the original process of booking hours is through timesheet, the work around proposed will not help as the employee will not be able to fill timesheet again for the same period. Because at an entity level, the parameter set for timesheets per period is one (1). It is almost impossible to change the parameter every time such adjustments are to be made.

In short, there’s no solution or workaround for this scenario

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