Work Order Service Tasks makes use of Inspection Templates. The questions and answers will be generated via JSON through a Power Automate from Microsoft. This is not directly linked to your Work Order Service Task.

In the Field Service Settings you can choose to "Immediately" create Customer Voice Survey Questions and Customer Voice Survey Question Responses. This will be done after completing your Work Order Service Task.

When you reopen your Work Order Service Task, change something in your Inspection Template and complete your Work Order Service Task again the JSON (questions and responses) will not be updated.

This is only when you choose in your Field Service Settings for Daily or Custom (basically also daily). The idea is to update the JSON also when you choose "Immediately". Besides this the Work Order Service Task must be linked to the questions and answers.

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So, basically the current way prevents user to make a correction for a mistake immediately. The Q&A json is used as input for many processes like reports and customer documents that are autogenerated (printed or digital) -> user makes a mistake, with current way -> all those remain incorrect.

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Category: Inspections