User is having account structure where BusinessUnit is mandatory. But in the Budgeting dimensions, they have activated only the dimension MainAccount.
If they create manually a budget register entry, it shows correctly only the dimension MainAccount, because that’s the only active budget financial dimension.

When they enter the budget in a budget plan, they expect that also only the activated “Dimensions for budgeting” are checked. Which is the case: they can easily submit the budget to the workflow and it runs through without problems.
If they change the setup in the account structure and are going to use an advanced rule instead of only the account structure:

On the account structure only MainAccount, but in the advanced rules they have added a rule that the BU is added and mandatory on account 'XX'. The budget register entries still works perfectly fine> Only the main account is shown. But in a budget plan they are ending up in error messages saying “You must select a value in BusinessUnit field in combination …”

Issue: In case of using an advanced rule on the account structure, it will be validated on a budget plan even if the financial dimension is not activated in the budget module, which is obviously wrong.

We are aware that this is a design limitation, but the request is to add flexibility in what dimensions are required for budgeting.
Needs Votes