It would be great if we could have an filter option to set if a organizational email template is displayed in the dialogue of insert email template while creating a new email or not.

For example I have a organizational template for the installed user language package English but I do not have an installed language package Arabic and I want to send out a current status update which is maybe not configured for all status changes.

Based on the primary contact whose preferred languages is arabic I may want to filter the templates by the preferred language and not by the language of the user. Maybe I am able to speak a language which is not installed and I want to use the email language, because for example I am a bilingual speaking person.

In addition to that I want to choose in the Email Template the User Language as well as the Customer Language and have the possibility to mark these email templates as automatic email templates which means that this template will not be shown per default in the insert email dialogue.

It would then be great if the User can filter by himself within the dialogue to Users language (same Option Set as current), customers language (Should be customizable e.g. if Language is on the Contact a Option Set or a Lookup) and show automatic email templates yes/no.

To make a long story short: Additional customizable Filter Criterias on the Dialog "Insert Email Template" would improve the user experience significantly.