It would be great to give the users (application administrators) to add fields to forms.  For example our customers are asking to customise forms (such as customers / vendors / fixed assets / products / sales order / purchase orders / etc) just because they wish to add some extra information - fields to keep a specific contact name, an address (such as ports of departure, arrival), any form of dates, some status, etc

Features that we wish to assign to these fields include:

- support for date fields, text fields, number fields, address fields, etc

- assign some tooltip / help text which can be displayed to users when hovering on the field

- determine where to show the field (that is which form should display)

- if possible, determine the ability to copy the value of field to a secondary form.  such as the customer sales order defaults are copied to the sales order form

- determine behaviour such as mandatory, limited to a list of pre-determined values, populate with a default value (such as today's date); this behaviour should be configurable by form

Category: Common