POS inbound Inventory operation should allow to to use *Close remaining Quantity* toggle with 0 receive now quantity to smoothly process purchase order receiving operation

Currently, when there are no received products , store is not able to finalize such Purchase order directly in POS. It requires additional back end support.

As descried in Issue 773973 -> "Close remaining quantity" toggle on POS is using the "Close" checkbox in the F&O purchase order receipt or transfer order receipt popup, where the quantity now 0 is not allowed. In F&O, there is another functionality called "Deliver remainder" which allows closing a line with 0 quantity, however, it's not supported on POS today.

In summary , allowing to use *Close remaining quantity* toggle with 0 receive now quantity on MPOS woul significantly imporve Inbound operation experience and allow stores to fully manage inbound operations.