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With the maturing of the solution there are increasing numbers of customers that will inevitably be purchased by companies in different regions, requiring that all ,or some of their tenant's Business Central companies need to use certain region specific apps, such as tax apps.

Of course you can treat one case at a time, but a feature that would allow you to transfer one company (or all companies) from one tenant to another is something that is going to be very useful for many organizations.

Of course there is also a risk here whereby if the larger company determines that the system is not able to align to their region's legislation, they may start looking for alternative systems that do.

The way I envisage this would be achieved is actually in the tenant admin center. You would need a form of acknowledgement from the new tenant environment that you accept that company (all companies) to be transferred to one or more production environments. I am thinking here there may be a need to create an azure token of some sort in the new tenant that could allow you to use it in the old one to look up the destination of the migration.

In a simple to follow assisted setup experience, I would see (after the match between the tenants is created):

  • the user selecting what company goes to what production system
  • ability to select a new production environment for the destination tenant (if the limit hasn't been reached)
  • ability to transfer this to the same tenant (default, no mapping required)

Also I see that the other related idea I raised is under review, which is around doing a company backup/restore more easily, I wonder if these two could be combined and made into a larger project.

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Needs Votes
Ideas Administrator

Thank you for your feedback. Currently this is not in our roadmap; however, we are tracking it and if we get more feedback and votes, we may consider it in the future.

Aleksandar Totovic
PM, Microsoft