Once you finish receiving products on a purchase order, any over-receiving and under-receiving lines are flagged to you in the review screen. This is great and allows you to identify and correct errors before submitting. It would be useful to also flag any lines which were...

  1. Missed from the receipt. In other words, any items which were not scanned, and which would result in a partially receipted PO. This would allow you to close out those lines to record none were received rather than being left with the partially receipted PO.
  2. Lines added to the PO as unplanned, received product. There isn't a way to review what you added to the PO during scanning that wasn't there originally before submitting the receipt which could lead to accidental additions.
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Thanks for the feedback. We will continue to monitor the votes to determine its consideration into our feature backlog. - Boyce Zhu, Principal Product Manager for Dynamics 365 Commerce