In case of managing multiple incidents on a single WO, the follow-up resource could not track what incidents were solved from the first visit, and what were not due to the following : 1-First visit resource can not complete the WO as only 1 incident has been solved and the work is not done 2-Tracking hours on the WO services/service tasks of each incidents does not indicate that the work has been done and completed therefore, we need a field on the WO incident to indicate if this particular WO incident was completed, mainly for traceability and WO execution purposes

Category: Work order
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Thank you for your feedback. As this may not align to how a significant portion of our customers manage their work, for now, we will not implement this at the product level. Further, if this is important to how this is managed for a specific implementation, it is a simple enough addition to add.


Jason Cohen

PM, Microsoft.