The costumer chose our Dynamics CRM solution for a business scenario managing their tenders to sales gas to Italian Municipalities; the client must comply with the European energy policy regulation and any strategy is focused on improving security and flexibility of the gas system, so they are asking to Microsoft high priority on these topics.
The problem in affecting the whole installed base of CRM (about 200 users) and the possible adoption of the solution to address additional 120 users (sales people) is now at risk (200k$/year). The customer start to investigate alternative from other vendors to provide expected user experience in authentication to Dynamics. He investigated solution from IBM, Oracle and other vendors to find a solution and put our actual stack for manage authentication at risk. If we are unable to address the customer request, we will increase the risk to lose also the opty to extend the Microsoft authentication/SSO offerings to the entire company (this is an opportunity of 400k$/year of revenues of strategic products EMS+ MCS revenues).
the customer was an owned company by Eni SpA and their IT decision makers are in good relationship sharing practices and experiences, so our decison can impact the opty to extend the Dynamics CRM solution di Eni as well (opty of 1M/year, 2.800 users)

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