We receive goods from containers in outers or bring in whiteware in forklift clamps (lots of 4), meaning we cannot get to the serial numbers easily upon receipt or put-away, (by the time we have 3 lots of clamps done the SKU’s could be 3-4 meters off the ground).

We have looked at the line item tracking functionality at WH receipt, Putaway (scanner), Pick (Scanner) and WH Shipment and cannot find a way to only scan serial numbers upon shipment/pick.

We have found a way to do it via the screens by creating a “0” qty WH Shipment line tracking entry that then allows us to record any serial number in the WH Shipment tracking line, (we are not sure if this is a bug), however the pick will not allow us to record serial nbrs as it demands that only existing serial numbers be used.

We like the serial number functionality once they are in the Item ledger and the return processing is awesome.

We would like the ability to be able to Receive without recording serial numbers but be able to record serial numbers (into the Item ledger) when we scan them during picking or against a Shipment as part of closing out the shipment.
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Thank you for this suggestion! Currently this is not on our roadmap. We are tracking this idea and if it gathers more votes and comments we will consider it in the future.

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We got the following scenario reported to support team experiencing same limitation.

“Cannot Match Item Tracking.” Error message when register Warehouse Pick with Lot No. (warehouse tracked) and Serial No on outbound event (not warehouse tracked).


1-Location Setup:
Using SILVER location with the following setup:
-Require Shipment = Yes
-Require Receipt = Yes
-Require Pick = Yes
-Require Put-Away = Yes
-Bin mandatory = Yes
-Receipt Bin Code = S-01-0001
-Shipment Bin Code = S-02-0001

2-Item Tracking Code :
-Serial No. on Outbound = Yes
-Serial No. on Inbound – Sales = Yes

Lot Specific Tracking = Yes
Lot Warehouse Tracking = Yes

3-Create new item (70067)
-Item Tracking Code = LOTSNSALES

4-In the item journal a Purchase of 10 pcs is recorded
--Silver Location: Bin Code = S-03-0002
---Item Tracking Lines:
---Lot No. = LOT100; Quantity = 3
---Lot No. = LOT200; Quantity = 4
---Lot No. = LOT300; Quantity = 3

5- Creating Sales order.
-Customer: 10000
-Location SILVER
--Line: Item 70067; Quantity 1;

6-Select Action – Warehouse – Create Warehouse Shipment.
--Selecting Line – Item Tracking Lines in the warehouse shipment the message is that you cannot assign Lot or Serial number…

--Release warehouse Shipment
--Select Process – Create Pick

7-Open Warehouse Pick

-Lot No is prepopulated.
-Serial No. can be entered on the line.
-However, the user forgets to enter it.
-Select Process – Register Pick.
The Pick is registered without remarks.
Pick can be registered without validation that Serial No. is missing – Serial No. do not have Warehouse Specific tracking.
8-Back on Warehouse Shipment – Item tracking line:

Serial No field is not editable.

10-post Warehouse Shipment – generates error on missing Serial no – which is correct.

11-Reproducing from step 5 and now the user does enter the Serial No.

12-Select Register Pick:

Error message: “Cannot Match Item Tracking.”

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