Marketing departments frequently receive requests to send a 'one-off' communication (e.g. an email or event invitation) to a list of contacts from another department- who has no intention of communicating further with this list of contacts.

In order to use the marketing application for this communication, these contacts would be counted as marketing contacts- the company may need to increase their quota to account for this communication, paying for a full year of usage of these contacts, despite only a 'one-off' communication being needed and the records potentially being deleted after use. The poor value for money of this solution often drives customers to use a separate product for this scenario.

I recommend introducing a 'one-shot' communication licensing model for the marketing application, perhaps introducing the concept of a temporary marketing contact (usable for a defined period of time)- which could be purchased at a lower price-point than full marketing contacts.
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Ideas Administrator

Thank you for your input.  We were not able to implement your suggestion in our latest pricing model change. I am updating the status to "Needs votes" to collect more information from the community for us to consider this in our next revision.

PM, Dynamics 365 Marketing