New Modern friendly Grid, … the current Dyn365op grid have more or less same features/look than a … Axapta grid !

Should be great …

  • To freeze first(s) column (user expect to see code/description when scrolling horizontally )

  • To group/ungroup in a grid (hierarchical view, let‘s imagine a sale order header grid with a group by sale status..:) )

  • More readable heading label in 2,3 lines, (User spend many time to resize column to understands check box label per example)

  • Allow sub-grid in grid


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A new grid control for Finance and Operations apps is available for public preview starting in 10.0.9 / Platform update 33. This includes the replacement grid control featuring faster rendering, smoother scrolling, and improved handling of larger datasets. Additional capabilities like totals, grouping, fast data entry are also available. The ability to freeze columns is also being targeted.

Note that not all the capabilities described in this suggestion are currently planned (grid in a grid and multi-line column headers). These should be logged individually as other suggestions.



If you're looking at this suggestion, please take a look at this related one (2889) where I've detailed out some missing and deficient grid functionality, and upvote it if you agree. 

Category: User Experience


Other things to add to want list:

  • Grouping (already mentioned above)

  • larger number of records shown before having to request next (larger buffer)

  • improved loading performance when having to deal with large number of records

These are big things to ask for I know as a developer, we've tried to use 3rd party grids with limited success. We lost all Dynamics integration functionality with built-in grid so that was one of many reasons why we abandoned this.  It would be great if D365 could implement a grid with these feature people are asking for.

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I voted up this idea.  The grid is a constant complaint from our users.  In addition to your points, our users also hate the scroll bar on the grids.  The scroll bar doesn't accurately represent your position in the whole data set.  It only represents your position in a small subset of the data.  As you scroll up/down, the scroll bar constantly readjusts.  if you click in the middle of the scroll bar, it doesn't take you to the middle of the data set.

Category: User Experience