The current way to check if pick bin needs to be replenished, is too complicated and not useful.
If an item is missing or not enough qty in a pick bin, you need to calculate manually the bin replenishment.
This should be calculated automatically when creating picks. In the needed qty in the pick bin is not enough, D365 BC should generate a bin replenishment so all needed quantities are available during picking, and not stop the picking and waiting for replenishment.
The bin replenishement instruction should be assigned to another warehouse employee or added on the pick order but before the pick action.
Category: Warehousing
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Totally agree, good suggestion.

Also, BC creates pick based on the pick bin but if you need to pick the qty of a full pallet, BC should suggest to pick directly a full pallet and not the remaining qty in the pick bin and then replenish the bin to fullfill the pick...

Category: Warehousing