We need to make "Product name" field filterable in item lookup form of the item journal in work order. In other inventory journals and orders when we lookup items we are able to filter by product name, but due to Microsoft design (The enterprise asset management has a separate item lookup form other than standard lookup used in other journals and orders. In this lookup , the product name is retrieved by a display method not a physical field in the data source) the field cannot be filtered.

This has limited customer's ability on filtering by product name, which is better than filtering by search name alone, as search name has limited length and it is used for other purpose (for example reference to legacy item number).




I come against this issue everyday in working with D365. I try to view the on-hand list in the inventory management module and the "Product name" is not filterable. This means I have to spend a lot of extra time searching for the correct product and going item-by-item which is really inefficient. Its strange because in other areas of the system the Product name is searchable, but just not in the on-hand list or the item journal in a work order.

Category: Asset Management