When viewing the Org Chart from a company, only the top three levels of the hierarchy are displayed. Any lower levels, underneath the top three, are hidden from view by default and it is not obvious which nodes have associated records without scrolling each one.

It would be a big improvement if the Org Chart could display more than three levels at one time, or at least indicate which nodes on the chart have associated records that are not currently displayed.
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Most organisations, and especially any medium to large business, has many layers. With Chairman then CEO the Board, that already takes up 3 layers and that doesn't even get to the senior management team, let alone hiring managers at a mid-tier level and the teams that sit into them.

This would be a really powerful tool if more layers were added into the functionality/could be viewed straight as one immediate view.


Category: Relationship Intelligence (Who Knows Whom, Talking Points, Notes Analysis)