One of the benefits of the engineering products is the additional functionality for number nomenclature, adding attribute value on the creation process, and release policies. Unfortunately you can't create engineering products that are setup to use constraint based configurations. When companies have a mix of products with different configuration technologies, it is challenging to have different methods for creating and managing those products. Even if the BOMs can't be engineering controlled, it would be very beneficial to have the products themselves setup as an engineering product with all of those additional features.
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Thanks for your feedback! We're considering adding it to our long term roadmap. 


Beatriz Nebot Gracia

Program Manager, Microsoft



In my opinion, it is not so much about wanting the configured products to be going through a extensive 'creation, reviewing, releasing and accepting' flow like you would do for a regular 'Engineered' product: you want to 'configure' a product via a model and be able to sell it right-away. The configuration model is supposed to guarantee the validity of the result so it can be used on a transaction immediately. The point of supporting 'Engineering' is that the starting point of such a configured product (a variant) may be a product that IS engineered and may be based off of a certain Version even (determined perhaps by the configurator model version you used to configure a new variant) and to be able to track that relationship. I would need to better understand the forthcoming support for variant creation in 10.0.21/22 to get this clearer but it is certainly a scenario that needs to be supported in some way (rather than having to setup a separate, non-engineered product in parallel to be able to configure)

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