1. Ledger is USMF in currency USD
2. Go to Accounts Payable->Vendor->All Vendors, select one Vendor
3. Go to Invoices > Invoice journal and create a new Vendor Invoice Journal in EUR. Post the invoice
4. Go to Payment journal and create a new Vendor Payment in USD. Post the payment
5. Go to Accounts Payable -> Vendors -> All vendors and select the above Vendor account, click on Invoice -> Settle-> Settle transactions
6. Select the payment posted on Step 4, and click on Mark as primary payment
7. Mark the invoice posted on Step 3
8. Return to the payment record and notice that Field Cross Rate is not editable neither on the invoice line, nor on the payment line, so user cannot write a cross rate to settle both transactions:

Expected result: Customer should edit the cross rate field while settlement.
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