Inventory isn't always packaged items; it can be a gas cylinder with a certain max capacity of a particular refrigerant, or a certain capacity/volume of liquid. There can be multiple cylinders of the same material on the truck - 2 cylinders of H2S gas, for example, each with a different capacity, each with a different concentration of gas, etc.

And the same information needs to be tracked at an asset. For example, a specific engine might have a certain capacity of a liquid lubricant or a gaseous refrigerant, for example. Being able to track those levels - current level, target level, etc - can allow customers to automate their processes (IoT alert when level decreases beyond a recommended threshold, for example, to initiate a refill order request).
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Thanks for raising this, Boris, and sorry for the long overdue response. I agree that there's a good idea in here. Perhaps this would make sense as an industry specific addition. At this time, I'm not clear that the general FS offering needs this but I'd like to leave this open longer to see if we get more positive community feedback.

In the meantime, consider reaching out to the Solution team to propose a new accelerator solution, as well.

Thanks, again.

- Jason