Give the ability to copy the control name when right-clicking on a field... or the ability to copy the actual "table.field." This would assist when writing functional designs and extensions.
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To copy the form control name or table name and field name you can follow these steps:
D365 Finance and Operations > Form > Right click a field control > Form information > Left click "Form name".

This will open the Form Information pane. If you expand the Administration tab you will be able to see and copy the following information:
Control name, Control type, DataSource (TableName), Data field, Form name, Menu item name, Menu item type, Query name, Query statement, Caller name, Caller type.

This information is similar to what is displayed in the AX 2012 Form Personalization window.
This information is helpful when writing designs/documentation.

We often need to copy the details for many fields.
The difficulty with the current Form Information pane is that the main form is disabled/greyed-out/unresponsive when the Form Information pane is open.
It would be very useful if the Form Information pane could remain open and update to show the details (Control name, Control type, DataSource, Data field) of the control that is selected as the user selects different fields on a form.
This will be a big time-saver by allowing us to copy the details for many fields much more efficiently.
This will mean the D365 Form Information pane would remain open and update like the AX 2012 Personalization does.

Category: General