In the month end closing process, when closing application modules separately there is an option to close the "project" module.

This will block any entries on the project subledger for that period. This will block both the registration of revenue transactions (new project invoices) and the registration of cost transactions (hour, item and expense transactions).

This closing is perceived as being too strict by our customers and is also not in line with the closing of other modules.

Our proposal is to either align the closing of the project subledger with the closing of the other subledgers or split the closing of the project modules into at least 2 domains: revenue & cost.

The end result of this request is providing the possibility to close the revenue side of a project in a period while still allowing to make cost entries: allow to enter expenses, hours and item consumption on a project while the generation of new project invoices is not allowed for that period.

--> Typically the customer ledger is closed in the first days of the new period while the vendor subledger and expense subledger is still open.

Below an example of a scenario that is categorised as intended behaviour but is perceived as a bug by customers:

  • Customer subledger closed
  • Project subledger open

When you try to create a new customer transaction via the account receivable module that is not allowed. (customer is closed) However, when you create a new customer transaction via the project module that is allowed.

In the above scenario you would expect that closing the customer module means:

  • no entries are allowed in the customer subledger.
  • With the current functionality this means: no entries are allowed from module X but entries are allowed from module Y

To achieve the scenario where new entries of all types of customer transactions are blocked in a period (and allow cost transactions on a project) the current 'customer' application module closing should be adjusted or a new application module 'project revenue' is required.

Category: General Ledger