Currently the Time Off Request functionality only has a button to approve. When it's approved, it automatically inactivates the record. I'd like to see this process revamped: 1) Approve or Reject Time. A manager (if Time Off Approval is required) should have to approve or reject. 2) when the record is created, there should be a process (Microsoft Flow Approvals template) that gets sent to manager to review and approve/reject. 3) If approved, the calendar is blocked for that day for the resource on the schedule board - BUT the schedule board should show the Time off record so dispatchers are aware (currently doing this with extending URS to include TOR records) 4) if rejected, then no updates to the resources calendar/work time 5) If previously approved but the resource has to cancel, they shoudl be able to cancel this record and a process in the background updates the Schedule Board and the Resources work hours.