Using Azure Devops RSAT Extension to configure and maintain pipelines is very helpful, especially for non-technical test managers on customer's side. It does not require writing powershell scripts and new test suites can be easily added.
Currently we need to configure a separate Build task for each Test suite. Some companies have 50+ test suites which makes the pipeline configuration prone to manual error.
It would be great to allow entering multiple comma-separated test suites in the Build task, in the same way as we already can do it in the Execute task in the pipeline.
2022 Release Wave 1
Ideas Administrator

This work is planned to be added. The most recent RSAT 2.4 hotfix release has added this to the CLI command, and plans is shipping a new version of the Azure DevOps extension where adding more suites here will be possible too.



Great idea!

In addition to that adding support for folder iteration through subfolders would be a great feature as well. Ex. Main test suite folder (id: 1) has test suite subfolders A (id: 2) and B (id: 3). Subfolders A and B both have test suites. Specifying id 1 or Main for execution would climb down the tree and execute all test suites in Main, A and B folders.

Category: Regression Suite Automation Tool (RSAT)