Releasing several times the same item into the same company raises an error message in the log of product releases, which is not properly handled through the application : Cannot create a record in Item table (RetailInventTable). Item number: XXX. The record already exists. This is not user-friendly for end-users, who cannot interpret correctly the root of the error. Product should be correctd to raise a meaningful error.

Ideas Administrator

The error messages are updated to be more user friendly. 

When you try to release several times the same product you will get the infolog "One or more products cannot be released. Validate the open product releases in the Open product releases form to identify the reason, and try again". In the Open product releases form, identify the release for the product released for a second or more time and you will find the error message "The product X cannot be released as it has already been released in the legal entity". 

Also when trying to release a variant through the + button on the released variants form when navigating from the released product master, the error message you will be given if you try to release a variant that was already released is the following "Product variant with the specified dimensions has already been created". 


Beatriz Nebot Gracia,