Currently the advanced dynamic content capabilities seem to have some limitations. More advanced dynamic content output would need additional data preparation up front which could be avoided if we would have some logic capabilities in the code editor.

For example, we want to show in an email a list of subscriptions expiring in the next 30 days. So, the email content should be filtered on this. We looked at multiple options:

  • leveraging a relation from contact to segment/customer journey (and data that is stored there to be used in the condition)
  • pre-prepare/calculate the list of subscriptions on a column on the contact records (daily batch update)
  • leverage a specific column of an additional custom table
  • calculate daily and flag subscriptions expiring in the coming 30 days (boolean)

but all of them seem like plumbing while there could be stronger out of the box solution with leveraging PowerFX.

Hope this makes sense!

Category: Email
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