In general, the Business Units are entities for which would be extremely useful to have a Hierarchical Visualization. This kind of visualization is by default enabled for some entities, and can be enabled for others. It is not clear to be why th BU cannot be enabled for that. It would be super helpful to have this feature available for BUs also.
I posted this idea for Dynamics 365 Sales, but obviously being the BU a core entity, it would be nice to have the idea applied to all D365 field.
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Fully in support, please make the business_unit_parent_business_unit relationship hierarchical. I don't really mind if it's visualized but I want to at least be able to write workflows to check if a user's business unit is "Under" a particular BU and not have to write and maintain every single child business unit.

This is very helpful for organizations with a lot of business units.

Category: General