Because we deliver deployable packages (Bin) to a customer, there is no 'xpp' and no possibilities to make enhanced extension on that. Of course, we want to give the opportunity to our customers to make extensions on our functionalities. But we want to be sure that our code will not be stole by someone who is malicious. The extension is a wonderful thing, but allow the possibility to easily stole the code if we deliver the content of the models. I think we are not only ISVs / Partners who be aware of that... We want to have a way to protect our code but we want to give the possibility to a customer to make extensions based on our code too. And we want to allow the possibility to debug too. But with the binaries it's complicated. No possibilities to see some piece of code, only the stack. It's the same issue for a D365FO app on appsource... So, it will be very helpful if we have the possibility to make enhanced extensions & debug directly on binaries.

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Category: Development