I know I've submitted this idea before but I cannot find it on the site. I searched for "Captcha" and nothing returned. So let's try this again :)

1. We would like newer options for displaying captcha. The currently display is pretty old/outdated.
2. We would like the ability to customize the error message for the captcha field. We have this ability for all other form fields. The default error message is not user friendly as the user may not know what "Captcha" is.
Needs Votes



we have similar needs, using the D365 Portal Basic form solution to expose on the web our enterprise contact/newsletter forms, we have only an available feature “Add Captcha” ... but we would need a new version of the captcha such as a tick, a slide ... something more modern and usable in terms of UI/UX.

As MS partner/customer we hope for a solutions

Thanks :)

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