Scnario1: (Park and Post Entry prepaid expenses) For expenses that are consumed and not accrued from the first day of the month, the accruals need to be done based on the number of days in the month till the end of the period. For example, for an annual prepaid expense, if the start date is 4th Sep-2022, then the accruals should be for 26 days in September, followed by 31/30/28/29 days in all months except the last one where it will be for 3 days only.

Scenario2: For non-standard periods of prepaid expenses (41 days, 77 days, etc.), the number of allocation keys will be too high (Number of Procurement Categories * Number of Periods = ~730K combinations). This will be very infeasible for end users, and they have a high probability of selecting the incorrect key. Furthermore, maintaining the number of unique combinations is also difficult. Thus, selecting the end date and the period being auto computed is the requirement. So, user expecting the start and end date to fill during accrual allocation in the MSD screen itself, Then system should have the provision to edit the end date of allocation rule at transaction level. So that based on the selection of days systematically system should allocate the total values individually. Scenario 3: If the information of the prepaid expenses comes in the middle of the accrual period, the accruals for the past periods should be posted in the current month. For e.g. if a prepaid expense of 100K per month is valid from the period 1st Oct-22 to 31st Mar-23, and the information comes to the finance team in Dec-22, then in December, the posting has to be correct till date, i.e. 300K should be posted in Dec-22 (for the period Oct-22 to Dec-22, i.e. the current quarter) and then in the subsequent 3 months, an accrual of 100K should be posted per month till Mar-23 (succeeding quarter).