When opening URL links from the registers, retailers would like the possibility that these these links can use Dynamics parameters to personalize the URL that is shown.

example: the retailers should be able to write www.microsoft.com/?storenumber=&ax.storenumber&&ID=&ax.employeeID&&language=&ax.workerLanguageID in the URL field itself in POS operation. The website could then, as an example, show personalized reports or news targeting certain stores and shown in the worker's preferred language. Instead of showing the default www.microsoft.com website available worldwide. The parameters sent from the cash register to the website should be parameters that the cash register already knows such as store number, employee ID, employee language ID, etc.

The result would be a much improved POS worker experience at the cash register and would save time surfing around the website for the right data.
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Thanks for your feedback. We will continue to review this for consideration/prioritization within our product backlog.   Holly Haines - Principal Program Manager