We are using dashboards to present incidents to work on to service agents.
The incidents should be handled in order of urgency based on SLA - and vi have aggregated the SLA expiry onto the incident record for easy access.
When creating the dashboard we have to select a date and time field to filter by, the date range filter that appears in the upper right corner of the dashboard.
In our case none of the available options give the customer support agent the needed overview, since we have neither a "show everything" or any date ranges that explicitly include the future (in some cases e.g. "this month" would include dates in the future, but cases due tomorrow are urgent regardless of whether it is the first or the last of the month - or monday or friday, so selecting this would give inconsistent behavior).

For our use case the dashboards would become more user friendly, if we could configure them to have no date range filter at all.

In the ideal case, we would like to have both the option of not having a date range filter and additional ranges if we do choose to have it. The most obvious additional filtering option would be "everything", but also date ranges that are partly or fully in the future would be useful (e.g. "today + tomorrow", "current + next week", etc.).