It would be nice to have the possibility to add unmapped fields to marketing forms.
To create a new entity field every time you need a new form field, that in the end you will might only use once, its time and money consuming. (as not all users know how to create this fields and they will require developers to do it).
A proper Form Submissions entity from which we can extract data into Excel would be very handy as well.

Lets look at the real life situation: if I have an event once a moth where I collect data for the guest's food choices, soon I will have dynamics full of options fields with different food options (as menu will be different each time)

And this applies to a lot of businesses that collect data from dropdowns about new products or services that they often offer.

Please can this be considered. Thank you.
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Can the title of this be changed to unmapped Optionset and two option fields please? I agree with this 100%. The two most common fields types that you'd want to use to drive customer segmentation based on form submissions is limited to being tied to mapped fields.

There are several other scenarios in D365 apps where you can define an optionset using just a comma separated list of values.

Similarly with two options - the response could easily be used to branch in journeys but you need to create a field in the database first to gain value out of it.

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