Currently, if your Bin Content is set to Eaches, and you have a Min and Max defined, when you suggest a bin replenishment, BC will try to replenish that Bin Content to the Max quantity, taking into consideration the current Quantity on that Bin. In many cases this causes CASES to be broken down just for replenishment sake.

It would be nice to have a "Replenishment UoM" on the Bin Content that would be used as guide for the Suggest Bin Replenishment task not to suggest quantities different than a Case.

Or, another idea would be to have a "Replenishment Multiple" (similar to PO Multiple on MRP), that would be respected when suggesting replenishments.


Bin Content, Qty 22 EA, Min 50, Max 150, Replenishment Multiple = 50

BC should suggest to replenish 100 (2 cases of 50), bringing the quantity to 122. It's not reaching the Max, but it's also not breaking a case.
Category: Warehousing
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