When applying ‘Pick according to Fefo’ on the Location card or ‘Strict expiration posting’ on the item tracking code the system automatically assigns a Lot number in the warehouse activity line when creating the warehouse document and also splits a warehouse acitivity line in multiple lines if multiple lot numbers need to be picked (based on the fefo principle) for the item.
We are looking for a solution where the warehouse activity lines aren’t split when creating the warehouse pick/ inventory pick and where the lot numbers aren`t assigned when creating those warehouse documents.

Two examples to give more insight in the need for this solution.

Example 1:
Some companies use bins where multiple containers are stored behind each other in a row. Picking according tot he Fefo proposal can then assign a lot number in a bin that is stored on the container that is last in the row.
Some companies authorise there warehouse employee to pick another lot number that’s stored on a container that is first in the row.

Example 2
The result is that the available inventory is decreased with the quantity to ship from the warehouse activity line.
It is then obligated to create the warehouse documents in order of actual picking these warehouse documents on the warehouse shop floor.
In the Food industry, especially companies who manufacture or trade in items with a short shelf life, the time between output posting or posting the receipt and picking and shipping the goods is very short (expressed in hours). That’s why those companies don’t pick all lines of the warehouse document at once (and start with the next warehouse document when the previous is finished). They start picking one item as soon as it’s available for multiple warehouse documents and start picking the next item for multiple warehouse documents as soon as that item gets available. The prolbem that can occur is best explained via an example:
At 10 AM the following items have the following available inventory:
Item A Lot no. 123 Qty= 100
Item B Lot no. 345 Qty= 100
Item B Lot no. 678 Qty= 100

Warehouse shipment WS-001
Item A qty= 100
Item B qty= 100

Warehouse shipment WS-002
Item A qty= 100
Item B qty= 100

The company decides to start pickig item B. the warehouse pick for both warehouse shipments is created.
The lot numbers are assigned resulting in the following warehouse pick documents (for WS-001 the pick is created before WS-002).

Warehouse pick WP-001 (linked to WS-001)
Item A qty= 100 Lot no.= 123
Item B qty= 100 Lot no.= 345

Warehouse shipment WP-002 (linke dot WS-002)
Item A qty= 100
Item B qty= 100 Lot no.= 678

After picking item B for both warehouse pick documents, the company decides to pick item A for WS-002 because they want to ship that warehouse shipment first in time. The problem then is that they can’t assign Lot no. 123 to the warehouse pick line because that lot number is already assigned in another warehouse pick.

- Create Warehouse activity lines without assigning the lot numbers based on fefo and without splitting these lines, basicly create for each sales line one warehouse activity line. (suggestion – add checkbox into Create Pick Report).
- Give the user the possibility to select/ pick inventory from multiple bins, automatically splitting the warehouse activity line if necessary.
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