We have populated the Unit Sequence Group ID field on our released products.(This happens after released product creation)


The issue occurs when we do populate that field with the following combination of parameters initially.

Purchase UOM – Cs

Inventory UOM – Pc

Sales UOM – Pc

Manage Costs UOM – Pc

Unit Sequence group ID – Pc-cs


We receive an error that does not allow us to process the pc-cs unit sequence group ID.


Once we change the Unit Sequence Group from the following:

  1. Cs
  2. Pc
  3. Pl

To the following:

  1. Pc
  2. Cs
  3. Pl


Then we are able to create the released product. Once the product has been created, we modify the Unit sequence group back to the above 1.Cs 2.Pc 3. PL configuration. This allows for our client to perform warehouse work on the guns at the Pc level.


Currently, the client has 2 teams coordinating for the Released Product creation, the Warehouse team will go in modify the Unit Sequence Group, then the Procurement team will go in and create the Released Product and apply all after creation parameters, then the warehouse team will go back and modify the Unit sequence group back to the above screenshot.


We believe that the error we are experiencing should not occur as the client can fully utilize all warehouse work correctly without issue, except in this one instance when the Released Product gets created.

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Ideas Administrator

Thanks for your input! Are you able to provide a document with the specific repro steps, what the system is currently doing (the error you are seeing) and what you are expecting?

We would like to understand better the issue. 


Beatriz Nebot Gracia

Product Manager, Microsoft