When a warehouse put-away is created from a warehouse receipt, the following issue occurs:

On the location card under the tab 'bins', the bin 'assembly-in' is entered in the to-assembly bin code. This bin is for assembly only, and thus of bin type put-away. You do not want any items there, unless they are needed for assembly.

There is also one general bin in which items need to be placed when they are received and put away in the warehouse, which is of bin types put-away and pick.

However, the issue that occurs when the warehouse receipt is posted, and the warehouse put-away is created, is that if the first item in the warehouse put-away does not have a fixed bin nor is stored in the general bin, so for example an item with 0 inventory, it will suggest 'assembly-in' as the bin in which it needs to placed. This is of course not desirable, as the assembly-in bin should not be used for put-aways, as this location is solely used for assembly, and not for storage.

What I would like to see, is that when you fill in a bin code in the 'to-assembly bin code' on the location card, it should be skipped when making a warehouse put-away. Logically, you do not want any items there directly from warehouse put-away, as items need to be put in a storage bin first, and then picked from that storage bin to the assembly-in bin.

Category: Warehousing
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Thank you for this suggestion! Currently this is not on our roadmap. We are tracking this idea and if it gathers more votes and comments we will consider it in the future. Best regards, Business Central Team